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INSIGHT - The capacity to gain knowledge and understanding.


The ability to gain trusted information is essential to the development and growth of any business.

Since its formation and launch in 2010 The DCA has continued to champion R&D and innovation in the data centre sector with the official endorsement of the EU Commission and ITTN (International Technology Transfer Network).

The DCA in conjunction with its network of strategic media partnerships has published and independently reviewed over 2500 articles in the last 5 years alone; these are read by end users all over the world.


"The DCA continue to provide a trusted environment where new ideas can be shared and knowledge sourced, this is used by businesses to shape future purchasing decisions and future corporate strategy"



Via the Knowledge Hub you gain access to the Central Library, latest news and  100's of published articles providing insight and guidance to help and assist you.






The DCA provides a comprehensive listing of all the data centre related events taking place throughout the calendar year. Via the DCA event calendar you can access,  register to attend workshops and conferences designed specifically to offer a wealth of information & insight.   EVENTS CALENDAR



All of us require support from time to time; whether you are are seeking legal advice, investment options,, Standards support or impact guidance as a result of policy/regulation  then the Data centre trade association is here to support you. New support services are being introduced all the time which can be acceded via the following link;


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              Data Centre Training                                              Data Centre Training

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              Standards Support                                                  Standards Support

              GDPR Guidance                                                        GDPR Guidance

              Legal Support                                                           Legal Support

              Investment Support                                               Investment Support

                                                                                                   Member Lead Generation Services

                                                                                                   Member Content Writing Services

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