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Member Investment Support


If you are seeking capital to expand your business or investment in a new venture whether it be for 10K or 10M, when you’re ready to start talking to investors, one of the most challenging parts can be just that: actually talking to investors. 

Most venture capitalists and angel investors receive dozens of pitches every day and simply don’t have time to meet with everyone. It’s not uncommon to need to speak with 50+ investors before securing funding unless you know who to talk too. The challenge is further complicated by having to make sure you choose the right funding partners and that means partnering with an investor who really understands the data centre market and more importantly understand your business model.

To assist members navigate their way through this mind field the DCA has identified potential investment firms you may wish to approach. Most of these firms have already successfully made investments in the data centre sector and recognise the potential in this growing market.

For further information please contact a member of the DCA support team on +44 (0)845 873 4587 or email [email protected]