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Your privacy as a member is important to us. Recently, rules surrounding privacy have changed, so we have created this manifest for you to read and accept.

It is not possible for you to be classed as an authentic member of the DCA unless you accept the terms, that includes but is not limited to the GDPR statement below.

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Member Lead Generation


There are many ways you can help to increase the profile of your business and the value of the products/services you offer through the data centre trade association. Articles, press releases, case studies, reports and news can all be disseminated out through the DCA media platform to a combined audience of 120,000 subscribers and this is all included as part of your membership subscription.  


Members often ask if we also offer more traditional lead generation services. The DCA is in a position to support you when its comes to direct lead generation activities via a trusted collaborative Partnership with Lynchpin Medis.


The DCA recognises the importance of generating new business. Often part or all of this function is outsourced; the challenge is sourcing high quality 3rd party lead generation firms who actually understand the sector, can hit the ground running and deliver on their promises.


To support its members the DCA conducts regular reviews of the market with the aim of identifying 3rd party organisations who have both IT/DC experience and can demonstrate a successful track record in generating convertible leads for their clients.


This review not only involves an audit of the firm and staff but also interviews with sample clients to makes sure they have a track record supporting clients in the data centre sector and deliver results as advertised.


If your are looking for additional support in this area the DCA is on hand to help and the first step would be to pick up the phone or email us to find out more. [email protected]