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EkkoSense is the leading provider of software-driven thermal optimization, risk reduction and capacity management solutions for monitoring, managing and maximizing critical data center environments.

We bring together a unique software SaaS platform and innovative low-cost IoT sensors, supported by PhD level thermal expertise, to facilitate the crunching of multiple complex M&E datasets for instant optimization decisions.

The result is a 3D visualization and analytics platform that makes it extremely easy for customer teams to visualize airflow management improvements, manage complex capacity decisions and quickly highlight worrying trends in cooling performance, and effectively remove risk from their data centers.

EkkoSense’s AI and machine learning led approach directly addresses key data center challenges such as thermal
risk leading to unplanned outages, excess cooling energy consumption and releasing stranded capacity. Our EkkoSoft® Critical platform enables true real-time M&E Capacity Planning for power, cooling and space.

All at a fraction of the cost of expensive and complex DCIM or CFD solutions.



EkkoSense in action...

Interxion/Digital Realty

Reduced its cooling energy consumption by 20% during the 1st year of a project
at one of their major UK facilities. Follow on deployments across several other data centers in Europe and the US.

We work with a portfolio of major global customers, and our solutions are backed by an expanding network of partners across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and South America.

Daisy Corporate Services

EkkoSense helped Daisy remove all data center hot spots, ensure ASHRAE compliance and unlock an initial 19% saving in data center cooling energy
- all with a rapid ROI.

Leading European Telco

EkkoSoft used by the Telco for centralized estate wide capacity management and for driving site level efficiency, securing savings
of up to 65% in cooling energy consumption. EkkoSoft has also stopped potential outages by highlighting under-performing cooling units.

Software optimization approach

EkkoSense’s distinctive software optimization approach allows data center operations teams to gather and visualize cooling, power and space data at a granular level.

EkkoSoft Critical is able to analyse multiple complex data sets simply and quickly in a 3D environment and apply
AI and machine learning analytics to provide actionable improvements. Once actioned, this process can be repeated and measured for continuous improvement - 24 x 7 x 365!

Cooling Advisor

Unique thermal advisory functionality unlocks cooling energy savings
Built into the heart of EkkoSoft Critical, Cooling Advisor provides focused cooling performance recommendations and advisory actions – unlocking 10 – 15% data center cooling energy savings just by following the recommendations.

Risk Avoidance

Remove data center thermal risk
entirely. EkkoSense’s distinctive blend
of innovative IoT sensors, immersive 3D SaaS visualization/analytics software and PhD-level thermodynamics expertise helps organizations to remove 100% of thermal risk from their data center operations.

Capacity Planning

Intuitive real-time M&E capacity planning for data center estates, EkkoSoft Critical takes capacity planning to the next level – allowing organizations to run their data center estates much leaner. Goes beyond legacy IT based DCIM tools to provide provide tangible M&E insights into live space, power and cooling utilization.

Ultra-Low Cost Sensor Technology

Our Critical Things® family of ultra-low-cost modern wireless IoT sensors makes granular data center monitoring possible for the first time, allowing EkkoSense to provide highly visual and intuitive insights into complex M&E datasets. Full integration with 3rd party and hardware and software systems.

Power Management

3D power schematic visualizations and reports embedded within EkkoSoft Critical provide wide ranging insights into electrical loads, from estate views down to room level and rack level utilization. Easy to see the complete power breakdown to help unlock stranded power capacity and inform capacity decisions.

EkkoSense Watch

Remote monitoring with EkkoSense Watch provides comprehensive thermal monitoring of your data center – from anywhere. Creating an immersive 3D digital twin of your rooms lets you monitor individual rack and cooling unit thermal performance and manage to ASHRAE KPIs.

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