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Zumtobel Lighting



ZG Lighting Ltd

Chiltern Park

Chiltern Hill

Chalfont St Peter



United Kingdom


0191 365 2222 or 07973 766 976


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Data Centres are evolving with Developers constantly pushing boundaries, looking at new ways to innovate technology and services within a virtual world. Zumtobel Group share these core values. Innovation is the key driver for our products, technologies, services and business processes, Zumtobel Group’s strength is born from our unrelenting commitment to industry leading R&D.

The company’s strategic approach to innovative strength and technological competence is based on six key areas.

Light Quality & Energy Efficiency

We build the best components and luminaires and therefore create the best lighting by understanding the nature of light and the needs of the applications.


We design economical and ecologically friendly products and provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for our client’s ecological footprint.

Ease of Use

We create products with best-in-class installation times and versatility through system architecture and a holistic portfolio of accessories.


We use digitalisation as an additional service for our customers.

Strong IP Position

We strengthen our innovation leadership by increasing the number of registered patents.

Technology Partnerships

We rely on strong technology partnerships.


More on Sustainability

With its commitment to sustainability, the Zumtobel Group has a close connection to its core business and makes a significant contribution to the reduction of resource consumption across the globe by using energy-efficient, smart lighting control technology.

The topic of sustainability is closely interwoven with the corporate strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are an integral part of our business model. To ensure better management of our commitment, we focus on four fields of activity:

  1. Contribution to achieving the SDG
    The Zumtobel Group aims to make a positive contribution to achieving the SDG in the medium term based on its sustainability activities. In a first step, the commitment to sustainability is analysed along the entire value chain using a circular economy model. The primary objective is to reduce negative impacts or to eliminate them, and to significantly strengthen positive effects.
  2. Circular economy
    We aim to accomplish a sustainable improvement in resource efficiency in our waste management. This is why we concentrate on minimising or preventing waste throughout the product lifecycle and on recycling valuable materials. In addition, the Zumtobel Group strives to achieve a recycling rate of 95% in relation to internally produced waste in manufacturing.
  3. Efficient products
    The Zumtobel Group continuously works on increasing the energy efficiency of its products through smart developments and the use of modern technologies. Moreover, the company also takes into account additional sustainability aspects in the production environment. Among other things, the company’s fundamental understanding includes optimising the use of resources in order to ensure careful utilisation and low losses as well as avoiding any surplus production.
  4. Efficient processes
    We live our commitment to sustainability through efficient, resource-friendly business processes and their continuous further development. We strive to steadily improve the company’s energy efficiency, use water responsibly and sparingly and to further minimise water consumption, which is already low today. Furthermore, we aim to substantially cut emissions in order to meet our long-term goal of carbon neutral production through sustainable energy use.