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Conexus Law Ltd


Conexus Law Ltd

Finsbury House

23 Finsbury Circus



United Kingdom


+44 (0)20 7390 0280


[email protected]



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Conexus Law is a specialist advisory firm, providing legal and commercial advice to clients who work in sectors where the built environment, technology, engineering and people converge.

We focus on specific sectors because we are personally interested in them and we take the time to understand what clients in those sectors are seeking to achieve.

We understand the technology.

These are fascinating times – times of great advancement, great opportunity, and significant risk. We work with clients in these sectors to help them make the best decisions, create their opportunities, and manage their risk.

We are headquartered in London, but we work on projects across the world.  As an independent, specialist law firm, we are able to partner with the most suitable law firms in other countries where local advice is required.

Where we feel it is beneficial to our clients, we partner with providers of other services in order to provide an end-to-end solution to our clients’ needs.

We wanted to create something unique. Our vision is to create a law firm that is known for its excellent client service, is seen as truly knowledgeable about its clients’ work, and which is seen as an innovative firm (both in terms of how we deliver our service and by helping ground breaking clients).

Our lawyers have worked in the big City law firms in London, and in vast international and national firms. Clients can sometimes find those firms to be undifferentiated and unfocused.

Our vision is to be very focused, and to create a firm which is targeted towards solving the problems our clients face, not to be all things to all people.

We wanted to remain independent, so that we can work with the best partners, rather than having to work with our own offices in other countries.

We also wanted to create a culture that our team can genuinely thrive in.

Conexus Law are the DCAs Strategic Partners for its members to read more visit the Member Support Page for Legal Support