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FlaktGroup UK Ltd.
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A long history and strong heritage

FläktGroup formed 2016 - DencoHappel and Fläkt Woods join forces to create a market leader in energy efficient indoor air technology solutions. FläktGroup is the new European market leader for energy efficient Indoor Air Technology Solutions, providing our Customers with the highest quality standards for improved Air Comfort and well-being. 

FläktGroup Data Centres.

Today, most industrial processes are IT-controlled. Service providers likewise cannot function without sufficient data. As operator of a computer centre or telecom facility, you know that the availability of IT services is absolutely essential. You take for granted data security, redundant power supplies, and failsafe hardware. Do you consider climate control to be just as critical? Then you are at the right place with ​DencoHappel.

You will be glad to hear that our precision climate-control systems not only save power, but also function highly reliably. This is possible because energy-economical climate control often encompasses technical redundancy. In this way, you are safe from IT failures and are still able to provide the required cooling capacity on a cost-effective basis.

Your economic interests need not take second place to engineering aspects. Our CAD software supports engineering planners in optimal design of a computer centre or of a server room. Use of our design software means that you know operating costs in advance. This allows you comprehensive calculations, without depending on vague computation.

Every square metre counts. That’s why our precision climatecontrol equipment has such a small footprint. This enables you to productively use valuable floor space. The modular grid dimensions of our systems are also oriented to the typical dimensions of racks, and they fit perfectly into your computer centre.

Precise climate control also requires precise closed-loop control. This task is performed by our electronic control modules. They ensure conformity to the specified temperature and relative humidity and additionally monitor essential components. Clearly organized displays offer a quick overview of equipment status and momentary operating conditions.