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Noveus Energy


Noveus Energy

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About Noveus Energy

As your business energy consultants, we’re bringing new dynamism to the energy market.

Backed by transparent fees, true innovation and bespoke solutions that put your real needs first, we excel where other consultants simply do not deliver.

Our work with data centres

The data centre space is one of the handpicked sectors we’ve chosen to work in. We have vast knowledge and experience working with both early-stage and established data centres, solving some of the intractable energy issues these centres face and identifying energy savings that are often missed.

Early-stage data centres

We help new data centres stand out from the crowd, drive growth and demonstrate early-stage revenue capability to investors.

We help new data centres to implement the best import/export metering and procurement strategy and identify and understand revenue opportunities. We can assess gas, diesel and battery generation, and grid/DNO connection options, as well as the differential impact on Opex v Capex budgets.

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Established data centres

We support the complex task of delivering budget certainty, a competitive energy price, sustainability goals and detailed energy reporting to tenants.

Through dynamic risk management, regular demand re-forecasting and detailed financial reporting, we ensure competitive energy costs. We provide detailed 3-year financial forecasts and find opportunities to utilise existing generation and battery assets to generate revenue through grid schemes. By exploring opportunities for corporate PPAs, private wire, on site renewables and 100% renewables in your energy contract, we also support net zero strategies.

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Here are 3 reasons to choose us:

1. Boutique approach – we’re proud to have set ourselves up as a boutique consultancy. This means you get a highly attentive and personal service with bespoke solutions aligned to your business.

2. Handpicked sectors – we deliver results by acting for select clients in handpicked sectors which ensures you are always working with a dedicated team that understands your specific requirements.

3. Transparent fees – we’re one of the only energy consultancies in the UK that charge transparent fixed fees rather than hidden/vague commission. Integrity is at our core.

 What membership of the Data Centre Trade Association (The DCA) means to Noveus Energy:

Noveus Energy Managing Director Bob Collinson said: “We are delighted to be a member of the DCA and to share the experience we have in the end-to-end energy supply chain - from new connections through to utilisation of energy and procurement of contracts. We're highly tuned into with the most pressing issues that data centre developers and existing sites are likely to face in the energy market.”

“The data centre market is one in which we have deep experience and expertise developed through delivering bespoke energy services for many data centre developers and existing sites. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge with DCA members.”