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The data centre sector represents the engine underpinning the worlds digital economy and all social media platforms globally. Since 2010 The DCA Trade Association has kept the data centre community, media, governments and the public informed of the vital role data centre play.


DCA delivers a trusted environment where insight can be gained and knowledge shared; organisations and individuals can connect, collaborate and grow their businesses.  By working in partnership with its members the trade association continues to promote the adoption of best practices which are paramount to the delivery of digital services for the business community globally. These activities are covered under four main areas of focus  – Insight, Influence, Validation and Sustainability.



The trade association continues to provide an environment where innovative ideas can be shared by members and trusted knowledge can be sourced by those seeking advice and guidance from a growing DCA member community.




The DCA is one of the principle voices of the data centre sector; helping to shape policy, increase awareness of key issues and raising the profile of the industry in collaboration with its members and Strategic Partners




Customer confidence is key to any business growth. Many organisations involved in improving data centre standards and benefiting from adopting operational best practice are doing so as a direct result of working with the data centre trade association.




It is essential that the data centre sector has a skilled workforce ready to meet future demands. DCA initiatives provide signposting, support and promotion of skills and training programmes for both data centre owners and for those seeking a career in the data centre market space.




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