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Your privacy as a member is important to us. Recently, rules surrounding privacy have changed, so we have created this manifest for you to read and accept.

It is not possible for you to be classed as an authentic member of the DCA unless you accept the terms, that includes but is not limited to the GDPR statement below.

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SUSTAINABILITY - The ability to maintain or support an activity over the long term.


It’s an undeniable fact that the demand for digital services is set for exponential growth over the next 10 years.

To ensure we can meet demand and remain sustainable new talent needs to be attracted to our sector.

The DCA’s EAST Initiative is designed to help support its members and ensure we as a trade association are doing all we can to find and develop this new skilled workforce.

Working in collaboration with government, schools, UTC’s, academia, training providers and professional recruitment consultants the DCA is committed to supporting you.


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