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Quarterly energy update, The Navigator

Quarterly energy update, The Navigator



With wholesale energy prices very high, what’s the future outlook? And how should you interpret recent price rises?

Answers to these questions and more can be found in The Navigator.

Here’s a snapshot from the latest edition.

Wholesale Prices

  • Today’s wholesale energy prices are very high.
  • A number of factors have contributed to high prices, including low gas inventories, unclear Russian gas supply intentions, and strength in wider energy complex which continue to support prices.
  • Possible softening in prices towards late summer or early winter.
  • In this edition of The Navigator: get a full rundown of the upward and downward drivers impacting gas, electricity and oil prices.

Trends and Outlook

  • With a 72% rise in electricity charges over the last 12 months, our latest edition of The Navigator provides recent trends and context to help you better understand these rises.
  • In this edition: electricity cost breakdown, complete overview of network and system charges, as well as current state of environmental charges.

To discuss any of the above:
If you would like to get in touch, please message Client Services Director, James Jenkins, via our website’s contact us page: https://noveusenergy.com/contact/


About The Navigator
The Navigator keeps you updated on energy and non-energy prices, as well market conditions, fluctuations and the future outlook. Every quarter, it is available here exclusively to DCA members and DCA website visitors. Download The Navigator, June 2021