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Zumtobel Lighting UK joins the Data Centre Alliance (DCA) as a Corporate Partner

Zumtobel Lighting UK joins the Data Centre Alliance (DCA) as a Corporate Partner

Zumtobel Lighting, a leading international supplier of lighting solutions announced today that it has joined The DCA - Data Centre Trade Association as a Corporate Partner.

Zumtobel’s UK offices are situated in Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire with their head office in Austria. For over 70 years the company has become well known for innovative and high-quality lighting solutions.  The organisation prides itself on its knowledge of lighting and the effect this can have on the workplace.  The aim is always to provide the best possible working environment through customised solutions.

Lighting solutions for Data Centres are a key area of focus for the company who have a history of supplying into a varied array of settings including Commercial Buildings, Scientific Establishments, and Industrial & Engineering locations. Zumtobel Lighting understand that it is imperative to have the optimal lighting for applications within a Data Centre.

The Data Centre Alliance (DCA) welcomes Zumtobel Lighting to the DCA Community of Data Centre Suppliers, Owners and Operators. Steve Hone, DCA CEO said: ‘The DCA are delighted to welcome Zumtobel Lighting as a Corporate Partner and very much look forward to working with them. Lighting plays an important role in the working environment and can be very uplifting. We are keen to learn more about the stunning and innovative lighting solutions now available for Data Centres and sharing these with the DCA Community.’

Steve Mansell, Divisional Director - Critical Facilities at Zumtobel Lighting UK comments “Zumtobel have been leading the way within the lighting sector for 70 years, primarily focusing on our partnerships with Commercial Developers across the UK and helping them develop best in class lighting solutions. The Critical Facility Sector has been a growing area of focus for us for the last 8 years, developing our understanding and product offering across Lighting, Lighting Control & Central Battery Supply creating a lighting ecosystem, aligning with client needs and the evolving technical scope of their cutting edge facilities. With our new membership to the DCA, we are now in a position to further enhance our client partnerships, through learning and sharing knowledge. We look forward to working with the DCA and its members and are excited by the new opportunities this brings.”

About Zumtobel Lighting:

We are passionate about designing and producing the highest quality of light. Our work is driven by the knowledge that the right light can create the right environment for people to thrive when tailored to their individual needs. Guided by a unique design approach, we continuously push our boundaries in search for perfection through unique and timeless design. As we develop the next generation of lighting, we build on our family heritage to refine the aesthetics of light and shape the lighting of tomorrow. With a special blend of passion, grace and avant-garde ideas, we turn light in to an experience and remain committed to the goal of improving the quality of life through light. Zumtobel is a brand of the Zumtobel Group AG with its headquarters in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (Austria).

Zumtobel. The Light.

About DCA:

The DCA is a not-for-profit trade association comprising of leaders and experts from across the data centre sector. With over 450 Associate and Corporate members The DCA represents the largest Independent data centre trade association of its kind. www.dca-global.org