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A breakthrough in sustainable lighting – Zumtobel launches TECTON DC

A breakthrough in sustainable lighting – Zumtobel launches TECTON DC



In the era of sustainability, the innovative TECTON DC continuous-row lighting system from Zumtobel is a game-changer. By harnessing energy from local renewable sources without conversion losses, it offers companies a more sustainable lighting solution. Energy-intensive industrial sectors, in particular, can look forward to up to four per cent additional energy savings with the direct current version.

Safe even at high voltage

When renewable energy sources are used, fluctuations in the mains voltage can never be eliminated. However, industrial plants rely on a fail-safe power supply and reliable lighting to ensure uninterrupted production. TECTON DC can be fitted with a battery buffer and an emergency light function to address this. This means that the light line can compensate for power failures or fluctuations in the mains supply, improving safety in industrial applications. Like the time-tested alternating current version, TECTON DC also offers the option of infinitely variable power tapping along the entire length of the continuous row. A unique safety concept ensures that the assembly and installation of the lighting unit are completely safe, even at a high voltage of 650 volts.

Improved sustainability for a trusted lighting system

TECTON DC is equally suitable for retrofitting or as a next generation standalone luminaire. Conversion is straightforward, so existing TECTON users can benefit from improved sustainability and safety in their operations with little effort. Only the input source and the light insert need to be adapted. Conversion involves replacing the TECTON ballast with a DC-compatible driver, which processes the input voltage directly and without loss. The track does not need to be replaced, making the upgrade sustainable and future-proof. With TECTON DC, the illuminated sections are potentially extendable and can be continued over more than 50 metres – a huge advantage, particularly for large industrial sites.

Smart integration into the ecosystem of a building

TECTON DC can also be seamlessly integrated into the ecosystem of a building at a digital level. TECTON DC delivers valuable real-time data on lighting performance and power consumption based on the DALI-2 and D4i standards. This information makes it easier to manage buildings digitally and, in keeping with Zumtobel’s concept of “human sustainability”, helps to control light in an even more targeted way, protecting resources more efficiently.

As a member of the Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA), Zumtobel works with key players from industry, science, and research to develop a future-proof power grid based on direct current. This provides Zumtobel with the advantage of technical expertise, which it uses to continually expand its range of DC luminaires.

For further information on any of the products please visit: https://z.lighting/en/zumtobel/