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EkkoSense makes it even easier for data center teams to cut energy consumption with EkkoSoft Critical

EkkoSense makes it even easier for data center teams to cut energy consumption with EkkoSoft Critical




EkkoSense has updated its AI-powered EkkoSoft Critical software to make it even easier for data center teams to improve operational performance. EkkoSoft Critical’s next generation 3D graphics have been enhanced with a major UX refresh, streamlining key user journeys and making overall operation more intuitive.

“EkkoSoft Critical is quickly becoming an essential tool for data center operations teams, particularly when it comes to reducing energy waste and removing thermal and power risks,” explained EkkoSense’s Chief Product Officer, Paul Milburn. “With our latest release we have significantly updated our immersive 3D visualizations to offer a truly intuitive UX, while also streamlining key user journeys to encourage continued optimization. This enables teams to make an immediate difference by cutting cooling energy costs, with results achievable within weeks.”

EkkoSoft Critical software delivers an average 30% cooling energy saving, helping data centers to reduce energy consumption at a time when electricity prices have never been higher. With EkkoSoft Critical, EkkoSense delivers a compelling business case, enabling true real-time M&E Capacity Planning for power, cooling and space at a fraction of the cost of more expensive and complex DCIM solutions. With its light-touch, software-based approach, EkkoSense also helps data center teams to secure immediate benefits, with its non-invasive nature contributing directly to carbon reduction targets. Video here.

EkkoSoft Critical 7.2 enhancements include:

  • Cooling Trend Gauges – introduced at an AHU-by-AHU level to provide further clarity on operational performance
  • Capacity Mode Updates – providing clearer icons for the four key capacity changes: improvements to the workflow process, as well as further clarifications to breakdown of key capacity readings for Cooling, IT Power, and Site Power
  • User-defined Color Groups – giving users the ability to update EkkoSoft Critical colors across all groups within the software
  • Space Management Updates – allowing operations teams to plan spaces for preferred deployments, alongside updated free, assigned, reserved and restricted space