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VIDEO - Mark Acton on Data Centre Efficiency: Fantasy or Reality? Part 1 . .

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With the growing awareness that PUE is of limited use when tracking efficient consumption, organisations are looking for new sustainability metrics to measure themselves by. Data Centres are high energy users in the IT equipment, high water users too, and generate heat that should be reused rather than wasted. Consultant Mark Acton, who is involved in European and international data centre Standards development through CEN/CENELEC, BSI and ISO, gives an overview of what is currently available, under development and missing in data centre sustainability.

Mark is a Chartered Engineer and Independent Data Centre Consultant with extensive technical experience and detailed knowledge of the data centre sector. He is a regular public speaker at international events. Mark also acts as a representative on multiple technical committees within the data centre ecosystem and is the current Chair of the Best Practice Committee for the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency, sponsored by the European Commission.

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