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3rd Government Digital Technology Congress: Ensuring Sustainability Through Change

By Amanda

Date / Time:
Tuesday, 5th November 2019
08:00 to 16:00
London Prospero House, 241 Borough High St London, SE1 1GA
London Prospero House, 241 Borough High St London, SE1 1GA
Registration link:


The UK public sector is currently in very uncertain territory, as the UK eagerly awaits the outcome of Brexit we will be bringing you a 1-day conference that will discuss some of the most current UK Government Technology trends including the UK’s departure from Europe.

Many government organisations are finding that each individual advancement in technology—for example, blockchain, digital reality or serverless cloud architecture—is powerful, but that the real power emerges when they combine,

The eight trends that are giving rise to new operating models, redefining the nature of work, and dramatically changing IT’s relationship with the business are:

  • Macro technology forces at work: cloud, analytics, digital experience, blockchain, cognitive, digital reality, core modernisation, cyber, and the business of information technology

  • AI-fuelled organisations: AI and machine learning to help curb fraud, waste, and abuse by detecting invalid, improper or mischaracterised payments.

  • NoOps in a serverless world: Pay-as-you-go models offer flexibility and cost-efficiency for seasonal demands like tax filings or health care enrolment

  • Connectivity of tomorrow: rethink processes and systems to take advantage of the connectivity.

  • Intelligent interfaces: With AR, skilled technicians can move from one system to another without extra training.

  • Beyond marketing—experience reimagined: Service programs can use advanced marketing techniques to engage the population, gauge reactions and adjust rollouts.

  • DevSecOps and the cyber imperative: Automate, and virtualise processes using close-knit teams that integrate development, security and operations into to reduce human error, speed results and make difficult operations invisible to the user.

  • Beyond the digital frontier: Cashierless stores could serve as models for the Department of Defence Exchanges. Government health providers can use health care insurers’ AI-enabled verification of eligibility for medical procedures

November’s conference will touch base on how councils and central government departments are implementing these trends and the positive effects it is and can have for both internal and public facing services.

Join us on the 5th of November 2019 as we host 10 of the most well recognised and highly reputable public sector speakers from across the UK, they will be on hand to provide you with first-hand insight into current changes in policy and the effects Brexit will have on the technology sector.

Our events promote the power of networking, with 200 like-minded public-sector professionals in attendance our events will allow you to meet and engage with peers within your area of expertise from across the UK.

Benefits of attending:

  • Listen, learn and engage with industry leading speakers

  • Input directly to the discussions and panel debate sessions

  • Gain 8 CPD Points

  • Engage directly with over 200 of your peers from across the UK

  • Network with 10 thought leading commercial sector solution providers

  • All food and refreshments provided

If you are keen on learning how the UK government plan to build a sustainable technology driven public sector then join us in May, tickets are limited so contact us now to avoid missing out.

*Research sources: GOV.UK