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LG Energy Group Limited


LG Energy Group Ltd
12th Floor
City Tower
Piccadilly Plaza

M1 4BT

United Kingdom


Telephone: 0161 641 1943


[email protected]



Social Links:

LGE Overview

LG Energy Group (LGE) has over £1 billion worth of energy contracts covering 126,000 metered sites under management,through the provision of energy procurement and consultancy services to its UK and European client base. 

It should be noted that the energy consultancy sector of the market is a crowded place, it is therefore important for LG Energy Group to differentiate itself from its peers through the level of service it offers and its core principles of transparency, accountability, and integrity. More than just a tag line, they run through everything that LGE does.

Furthermore, LGE are the preferred energy partner to a number of Industry Federations in the Plastics, Ceramics and Metallurgy sector. 

In terms of energy procurement, LGE’s trading and risk management team have a wealth of experience in UK and European energy markets. Besides the trading of gas and electricity, the team have also successfully traded renewable certificate and carbon credits. 

What differentiates LGE’s team from that of its peers is the fact that unlike most other UK Energy Brokers, LGE’s Energy Trading team has its roots in commodities trading, with members of the team having a wealth of experience in both the wholesale and retail markets, as well as operational experience of UK power plants, this knowledge means that LGE is more aware of the key drivers of the energy markets.   The trading and risk management team is also responsible for the production of LGE’s market intelligence report Energy Trader Daily, which it provides to its clients.

LGE’s Services
Tendering:   https://lgegroup.com/services/tendering/
Energy Procurement:   https://lgegroup.com/services/energy-procurement/
Bureau Services:   https://lgegroup.com/services/bureau-services/
Consultancy & Compliance:  https://lgegroup.com/services/consultancy/
Cost Recovery Audits:   https://lgegroup.com/services/cost-recovery-audits/
Account Management:   https://lgegroup.com/services/account-management/
Energy Data:   https://lgegroup.com/services/energy-management/
Market Intelligence:   https://lgegroup.com/services/market-intelligence/
Global Markets:   https://lgegroup.com/services/european-markets/



Our expert team is able to offer independent utilities advice for the benefit of our clients. The team possess over 40 years’ industry experience and has the knowledge required for meeting, and exceeding, your expectations when it comes to energy procurement and energy management.
LGE are proud to hold the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate. ISO 9001 is the world's most widely recognized Quality Management System (QMS)

Website: https://lgegroup.com/                   
Corporate Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1MK6zi_wTo

LG Energy Group Contacts; 

Diane Sharpe

+44 (0)161 641 1943

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