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Welcome to Policy Connect

Policy Connect is a cross-party think tank improving people’s lives by influencing policy. We collaborate with Government and Parliament, through our APPGs, and across the public, private and third sectors to develop our policy ideas. We work in health; education & skills; industry, technology & innovation, and sustainability policy.


All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group

The All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group is a parliamentary group designed to research, support and promote key climate change issues in government and policy making. The APPCCG is open to all and has a broad membership of organisations from across business, industry, the third and the public sectors. Members all share a keen interest in sustainability and climate change, and the desire to develop effective policy for the climate change agenda.

Visit the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group website

In collaboration with industry leaders the Group has recently published a policy document " Is Staying Online Dosting the Earth" (Click on the image to download the report).  The cross-party inquiry which led to the publication of this paper was co-chaired by Antoinette Sandbach, Conservative MP for Eddisbury, and Daniel Zeichner, Labour MP for Cambridge.

As we move into the era of the Internet of Things it is time to take stock of the energy and carbon cost of being increasingly on-line. High energy bills, new efficient ICT technologies, and regulations have kept the proportion of electricity used by ICT products and services in check. However, there is a risk that with a growing dependence on connected devices and digital technologies, energy efficiency gains will stall and our carbon footprint from using the net may soar. 

Of the inquiry, Co-Chair Antoinette Sandbach MP, said: “I’m delighted to be working with Policy Connect on this project. New digital technologies can play an important role in combatting climate change, as well as reducing energy bills. I hope that this report will be the first step to driving greater energy efficiency in our use of digital services and encouraging economic growth through more digital products and services that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.”

Co-Chair Daniel Zeichner MP added: "This report on the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the internet is an important step in making policy makers aware of the energy consequences of the internet. It should be taken into account by all those working on energy efficiency and digital transformation programmes. As we move to a more digital economy, we need to ensure that these recommendations are built in to the design, implementation and delivery of services from the start and that our digital backbone is both efficient and effective in the future.”

Government has identified 18 criteria to help them create and run digital services, for example, considering privacy and security issues and user experience. Given the importance of ensuring that energy efficiency gains continue, Policy Connect reports it is essential to take an ‘energy efficiency by design’ approach to designing, building and operating digital services: this should be high on the government’s list of criteria.


All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills & Employment

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills and Employment, chaired by Nic Dakin MP, is the leading forum informing debate and collaboration between parliamentarians, business leaders and the education and skills community. Through its busy programme of research and parliamentary events, the group raises the profile of skills policy in Parliament and across the UK. With support from our member organisations and parliamentary members we ensure that skills policy is recognised as a central means to economic and personal development. 

 Visit the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills & Employment website


Events and DCA Member Engagement

Policy Connect hosts over 150 events and meetings a year, ranging from small policy roundtables to national conferences and large scale report launches. Below are the key upcoming event highlights from across the Policy Connect policy teams. For further information on these events, you can visit each group's own website or alternatively you can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to see our updates.
Policy Connect operates a safe space policy for all guests and members of staff.

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If as a Data Centre Trade Association member you would like to become an active member of Policy Connect then please contact us at [email protected] or contact Policy connect directly, please make sure you identify yourself as a DCA member.