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Since 1983, SWEP has been advancing the developement of brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) technology and applying our know-how in various applications and industries, ranging from air conditioning and refrigeration to residential heating, district industry, process industries and more. 

SWEP optimizes the use of energy, material and space in heating and cooling systems. We're here to lead the conversion to sustainable energy usage in heat transfer and take pride in contributing to a more comfortable and sustainable life for people around the world and a competitive edge for our customers. 

We have more than 1,150 dedicated employees, production in 5 countries and a global presence in 20 countries, and is part of the Dover Corporation; a multi-billion-dollar, diversified manufacturer of a wide range of proprietary products and components for industrial and commercial use.  


Data center solutions for the future
Data centers generate a significant amount of heat to operate servers and other critical equipment. Heat exchangers help manage this heat by transferring it externally through cooling systems to ensure optimal operating temperatures, reliable performance and preventing overheating and costly downtime.

In a global transitioning to liquid cooling and a demand for more high performing data centers, energy efficiency is more crucial than ever. SWEP offers data center cooling solutions in a small package, which means compact heat transfer for low PUE and high-density data centers that are highly effective, yet compact and without compromising on space.

Compact heat transfer for low PUE and high-density data centers
Some of the applications where SWEP brazed plate heat exchanger solutions play a key role in data center cooling:

Improving efficiency and temperature control, cost efficient with minimized coolant, easy integration with compactness, surface coating/double wall for enhanced reliability. 

Improving efficiency, reducing preassure drop, minimizing refrigerant charge, improving reliability and freeze protection.


  • Free cooling - energy and space saving cooling efficiency

Facilitating tight temperature approach, high modularity and maintenance free operation.

Varified performance with AHRI certification

If you're looking for that additional level of security by third party verified performance, SWEPs A range is a great choice. This range has AHRI Certification Program on Liquid to Liquid Brazed and Fusion Bonded Plate Heat Exchangers.

Let's talk!
Don't hestitate to reach out to learn more about our offerings and let's talk about your current and future needs and how we can help you!  

Frida Cullin Persson, Segment Manager

[email protected]