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5G, IoT, and AI generates more data traffic with low latency needs. And with rising energy costs and carbon neutral expectations, Telecom and Data-centers must make sure to grow the right way. At Delta, energy-efficiency is ingrained in our ethos. So while our business and identity are evolving, our mission remains the same: To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.


Delta, in a powerful collaboration with Bouygues Telecom, has created a groundbreaking modular data center solution that is revolutionizing the telecom industry.

Accelerating Timelines with Precision Engineering

Using precision-engineered prefabricated steel modules crafted in our Croatian factory, we’ve dramatically compressed traditional construction timelines, launching the data center a full year ahead of schedule – a time-saving feat that has propelled Bouygues Telecom ahead of their competition.

Substantial Cost Savings

This swift deployment didn’t just fast-track operations; it also generated substantial cost savings. Our innovative approach slashed costs by up to 20% compared to conventional construction methods, handing Bouygues Telecom a significant financial advantage.

Broadening Geographical Reach with Modular Design

Our modular design offers more than just speed and cost benefits. Meticulous engineering has made transporting these data center modules across Europe both cost-effective and straightforward, empowering Bouygues Telecom to harness the power of advanced data centers, regardless of their geographical reach.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

We’ve mastered the assembly process, demonstrating unparalleled engineering prowess as we accurately aligned and sealed the individual modules. The integration of cabling and piping epitomizes our commitment to operational efficiency, further increasing the data center’s overall effectiveness.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Optimized Performance

To heighten performance, we’ve incorporated the latest technology, including cutting-edge cooling systems, intelligent airflow management as well as Delta´s highly efficient UPS and Eltek´s Rectiverter. This results in optimal temperature control and reduced energy use, cutting operational costs by up to 30% and promoting sustainable operations.


Uninterrupted Power Supply and Business Continuity

The attention paid to power distribution and management is exceptional, employing advanced power modules and smart grid integration. This has bolstered reliability and scalability, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply and business continuity. Our robust infrastructure has achieved an impressive 99.9999% availability rate.

Advanced Cybersecurity Measures

In the face of digital transformation, security is of utmost importance. To ensure absolute safety, we’ve woven advanced cybersecurity measures into the fabric of the data center’s design. This multi-layered defense strategy guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of critical data.

Future-Proofing Data Centers for the Digital Era

Our modular data center is future-proof, ready to embrace upcoming technologies such as 5G and IoT. Our flexible design ensures that Bouygues Telecom is well-equipped for the digital era. Delta provides an end-to-end service, taking responsibility from contract to delivery. Our team of dedicated engineers adheres to the highest quality standards and utilizes groundbreaking technologies to turn ideas into reality.

Choosing Delta as your engineering partner empowers your business to navigate technological advancements with confidence. Our commitment to precision engineering and embracing technological innovation empowers clients like Bouygues Telecom to shape a future that is defined by cutting-edge innovation and unparalleled excellence.




Telecom Data Centers has recently unveiled a cutting-edge facility in Tallinn, Estonia, marking a significant step forward in data center infrastructure for the region. A crucial component in achieving this milestone was the inclusion of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from Delta.

Despite the progress in digital infrastructure in Eastern and Central Europe, there was a pressing need for sustainable and reliable purpose-built data centers. Enter Telecom Data Centers, spearheaded by telecom and tech expert, Üllar Jaaksoo. Their answer to the challenge? Building the largest data center in the Baltics, ensuring optimal reliability and security. A critical factor in realizing this vision was the choice of UPS systems, and this is where Delta came into play.

Building a Landmark Data Center

Initiated as a part of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) to bolster EU cohesion, the Tallinn data center is more than just a facility; it represents the synergy of public policy goals and private enterprise. With 14,500 m2 of space and a 31.5 MW power capacity, this state-of-the-art data center promises reliability for a myriad of digital services.

The Unique UPS Needs

Every private suite within the facility has its distinct UPS – a feature that sets this data center apart. This design promotes transparency in power consumption while minimizing risks associated with power disruptions. The challenge? Finding a vendor that could cater to these unique requirements and also supply modular UPS units for the broader facility.


Delta’s Comprehensive Solution

After a meticulous selection process, Telecom Data Centers decided on Delta, primarily due to its expansive UPS portfolio, ranging from 1kVA to 500kVA. Delta’s UPS models were not only technologically advanced but also offered superior total cost of ownership. A decisive factor was Telecom’s visit to Delta’s Experience Center in Soest, Germany.

Experience the Power

The Delta Experience Center in Soest, Germany, serves as more than just a showcase. It’s a manifestation of Delta’s commitment to power innovation. Here, visitors can experience the staggering 3.6 megawatts of raw power, pushing data center capabilities to the limit. This hands-on experience of seeing Delta’s UPS systems in action offered Telecom Data Centers a tangible demonstration of efficiency, reliability, and durability, solidifying their decision to partner with Delta.

Smooth Execution in Testing Times

Despite the pandemic and inherent challenges of new constructions, the project moved forward seamlessly, thanks to Delta’s partner, DC Solutions Estonia. Any minor issues during installation were promptly addressed by Delta’s support team based in Slovakia, ensuring the Tallinn systems were operational as planned.

A Testimony to Collaboration

Telecom Data Center’s Chief Development Officer, Kert Evert, praised the success of the project and the crucial role Delta’s UPS solutions played. Meanwhile, Margus Sinisaar, CEO of DC Solutions Estonia, and myself, Pertti Lipponen, Sales Manager at Delta Solutions Finland, celebrated the long-standing collaboration that made this project a success. With the Tallinn data center now operational, the region is better poised to harness the potential of digital advancements, all while enjoying unparalleled power reliability.




In the lively city of Gdansk, the TASK Data Center stands out. It’s a clear sign of smart decision-making and green growth. TASK teamed up with Delta, experts in custom power solutions, and started using 400VDC. This powerful tech is now becoming popular in data centers worldwide, showing its many benefits.

Tackling Growth Challenges with Tech

TASK was facing problems. More demand on their supercomputer and rising data traffic meant they had to grow. But their old UPS power system was causing issues. They were siloed, the power output was limited, and they had phase problems, not ideal for their sensitive computer hardware. So, in order to scale the right way, they chose to be smart about it and made the jump from AC to DC.

Easy Switch with Delta’s Know-How

In a meeting of minds, TASK representatives – and later, Delta engineers – joined forces, sharing a mutual vision of intelligent and sustainable progress. 400VDC was a new concept at the time. Everyone was talking about it, but Delta had already implemented the groundbreaking 400VDC in the telecom market, rendering them the perfect partner for TASK’s ambitious transition. With Delta’s help, TASK saw a 20% boost in their power output.


More Flexibility and Efficiency with 400VDC

Adopting 400VDC enabled TASK to expand their data center optimally. The technology allows a higher power density, moving more power through each cable and freeing up to 30% more space. This new efficiency provided TASK with the flexibility to design their server floor to meet specific needs, including the capability to transfer power over longer distances, reducing the amount of required copper wire by a striking 80% compared to AC systems.

Making Room for Growth with 400VDC

Utilising the capability of 400VDC to transport power over extended distances, TASK effectively relocated their power systems and backup batteries further away from the main server floor. This shift created additional room for critical equipment, enabling a liberated floor space that fostered TASK’s potential for unrestrained growth and innovation.

“With 400VDC, we have the stability and flexibility we need to keep growing, allowing our supercomputer to continue to accelerate research and innovation.”

Task representative


Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Beyond scalability, TASK Data Center placed paramount importance on sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. By switching from AC to DC, Delta makes it easy to add solar panels and other renewables into your energy mix so that you can minimise your carbon emissions as you grow.

In the Digital Age, Security Is Key

To ensure maximum protection, advanced cybersecurity measures have been seamlessly integrated into the design of TASK’s data center. This multi-tiered defense approach ensures the safety and confidentiality of all critical data.

The Future is DC

With an illustrious track record spanning decades in telecom data centers across Europe, Delta has continually driven innovation and fostered intelligent decision-making. The future undeniably belongs to DC, and the partnership between TASK and Delta serves as a testament to the possibilities of sustainable growth. Together, we will make the right decisions for your data center, so that you can be smart about it and grow the right way.