GDPR & your privacy.

Your privacy as a member is important to us. Recently, rules surrounding privacy have changed, so we have created this manifest for you to read and accept.

It is not possible for you to be classed as an authentic member of the DCA unless you accept the terms, that includes but is not limited to the GDPR statement below.

Please read the privacy policy here.

Membership Levels > Registered user status

Registered Subscriber Status -  is a free of charge subscription for individuals (not organisations)- and is ideal for those professionals wishing to be kept updated on the best practices being adopted by other users and the latest products and services available to help support their business needs. Equally if you are considering a career in the data centre sector then joining as an registered Subscriber will enable you to make the right connects and help to put you on the right path.

To become a Registered Subscriber please click here.


Member Profile
Secure Personal portal login (all personal information remains private unless you choose to make it public) Yes
Personal profile page  
Number of individual users 1
Access to the knowledge hub Yes
Access to the publications library (including back issues) Yes
Complimentary Subscription to DCA publications (online and or in print) Yes
Receive updates via DCA online newsletter and email correspondence Yes
Access to the DCA data centre sector events calendar so you can plan ahead Yes
Ability to register and attend networking, update seminars and workshop events Yes
Updated intel on Standards, policy & regulatory changes via DCA and Partners Yes