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Your privacy as a member is important to us. Recently, rules surrounding privacy have changed, so we have created this manifest for you to read and accept.

It is not possible for you to be classed as an authentic member of the DCA unless you accept the terms, that includes but is not limited to the GDPR statement below.

Please read the privacy policy here.




The DCA Media Partner program has been created to provide members with the ability to submit articles for publication within both leading DC focused trade magazines and to C level and end user focused audiences. The end users may operate their own private data centres or outsource to 3rd party providers to deliver digital services to customers or their businesses.

Publishing your thought leadership content in the trade press via the DCA can be a very effective way to get your message across. Trade publications are widely read by decision-makers the world over, all wishing to be kept up to date with the latest thinking. Trade publications have many unique advantages for businesses looking to share knowledge, drive brand awareness, promote best practice and increase market share. 

As a DCA member your annual membership subscription allows you to submit as many articles as you wish and we will then work with you to maximise the visibility and exposure of your content. The DCA has media agreements in place with magazine publications which are both directly and indirectly connected to the data centre sector; so as different publications tend to serve different target audiences it is important to know who your specific required audience is; once known, we can advise you on the best publications to meet your objectives.

We are committed to the highest standards of peer review. Editorial and peer review policies are available in the “Submission Guidelines” and a full list of the upcoming themes, topics and copy deadlines can also be found in this guide. Please contact the team if you have any further questions or equally if you would like to publish content in a specific magazine which we currently don’t yet have a media partnership with - we would be delighted to hear from you as we can build our relationship with publishers to ensure we start working with them.  





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