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The European Commission has identified the need for a Pan-European Data Centre Academy (PEDCA) underpinned by and in collaboration with, the wider data centre industry and academic research institutions to address a number of highlighted problems which exist within the Data Centre sector, six Joint Actions have been established which will be implemented by the DCA:

  • JA1 Technology Leadership Platform 

  • JA2 Representation 

  • JA3 Awareness 

  • JA4 Skills Matrices 

  • JA5 Training Curriculum         

  • JA6 Standards, Best Practices and Certifications 



PEDCA aims to deliver an EU wide "Academy” platform as a foundation to implement a Joint Action Plan for the data centre industry. It will:

  • leverage the expertise and skills from Europe’s three main data centre "hotspots"

  • Widen participation across EU- share knowledge and experience to new European markets

  • Identify and validate the research requirements of the data centre industry

  • Develop an independent sustainable research platform

  • Identify and validate the skills & training requirements of the data centre industry



The project will be managed by a consortium of thirteen research organisations drawn from academia, private sector and regional government lead by the DCA and the University of East London. The project will invite broad face-to-face and online industry participation and collaboration. Please view our "Get Involved" section for more detail.

The project research consortium is illustrated below:


Benefits of PEDCA

  • PEDCA will provide an EU wide, open research and development framework for the industry thAT will improve trust of information and encourage industry innovation leading to wider-scale adoption of best practices 
  • PEDCA will improve dialogue between Academia and Business and will improve the influence of the data centre industry upon university’s outputs.
  • PEDCA will enable the data centre industry’s research requirements to be better met and to feature more strongly within research funding calls
  • PEDCA will widen collaboration and participation significantly, improving the industry’s collective knowledge and influence


     PEDCA Data Centre Essentials Training Video


For more information on the PEDCA project and for downloadable copies if the output reports please visit the central library using the search term: PEDCA





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