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Techbuyer partners Digital Access For All charity launch

Techbuyer partners Digital Access For All charity launch



Techbuyer, the global specialist in buying, refurbishing and selling IT equipment, is proud to support the Digital Access For All initiative with other select ADISA members. The nationwide campaign, delivered through the ADISA Marketplace, will ensure secure the processing of thousands of corporate donations and facilitate large scale redistribution of grade A equipment for disadvantaged families across the UK. 

With many schools relying on at least partial delivery of learning through the internet and internet enabled devices, it is vital that these resources are available to all. However, around 1.5 million school children have either limited or no access to these at home and are seeing their education suffer as a result. Remote learning during isolation periods, lockdowns and for homework is increasingly part of the norm. Children whose only access to this is via a parent or guardian’s mobile phone are hampered in their ability to get the most out of this, either because of lower functionality on a mobile device or because there is limited facility for essay writing and developing ideas. 

National charity The Learning Foundation launched the new initiative of Digital Access For All this year in order to level the digital playing field for children and young people across the UK. It has also established the Digital Poverty Alliance to address digital exclusion and data poverty across the board. The latest phase towards this end is a programme to encourage businesses to donate their redundant IT to those who need it most. The charity is partnering ADSIA, listed on the National Cyber Security Centre’s guidance for the disposal of infrastructure, to deliver the programme via the ADISA Marketplace. 

“I am delighted to be working with ADISA and their partners on this hugely important initiative. The fact that donating companies can be assured of the highest level of integrity and standards combined with them also being able to help directly in enabling disconnected children and families to get online makes this a genuine win-win,” said Paul Finnis, CEO Learning Foundation and Digital Access for All.

The ADISA Marketplace uses a limited set of approved IT Asset Disposition companies to process donations to the highest standards and generate the best return on these for the charity. The Marketplace offers the opportunity to fulfil the need for grade A PCs, laptops and monitors to organisations who apply for the charity for help.

 “This is a really worthwhile project to be involved with and Techbuyer has fully supported its development from the early stages. ADISA is known throughout our industry as the gold standard for compliance and best practice so we knew that the project would be well run and deliver the most value for people who need it the most. One of the challenges with corporate donations is that they sometimes include equipment which is not in the best shape, the approached devised for this initiative works around this issue to maximise equipment that can be donated and reused. We are very proud at Techbuyer to have been asked to be a part of this” Mick Payne, Techbuyer Managing Director.  

To find out more about Digital Access For All please visit their website: https://digitalaccessforall.co.uk/

To register interest in donating please fill out the Donation Enquiry Form: https://adisa.global/donate-dafa/

If you are a school or organisation and want to apply for help, please fill out the Request for Support Form: https://adisa.global/adisa-marketplace-digital-access-programme/

To learn more about how The ADISA Marketplace is working with Digital Access For All please watch our podcast: Bridging the Digital Divide: https://youtu.be/c5gu4ggI9_Y