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CEDaCI Data Centre Sector Specific Surveys

CEDaCI Data Centre Sector Specific Surveys




About CEDaCI

The Data Centre Industry has grown rapidly and generates a large volume of eWaste / WEEE. The current infrastructure for dealing with this waste is underdeveloped and consequently, there is a real and urgent need to address this now. CEDaCI will build a Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry by bringing together stakeholders from all equipment life cycle stages to turn this waste into a useful resource and support the ongoing rapid growth of the DCI.

CEDaCI is bringing together the Data Centre Industry representatives which normally do not meet and converse. Data Centre Industry Representatives gather together in CEDaCI Working Group Meetings and Co-Creation Workshops to help us develop the circularity solutions in line with the needs of the industry.

However, our sessions are limited to a certain number of representatives in each CEDaCI Country.

Therefore, we are developing a series of surveys to collect the views of the industry on specific topics.  We are asking DCA Partners to take a few moments of their time to complete these surverys.


Our first survey targets the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturese survey assesses how they address the failing PCBs during the testing and quality controls and the circularity solutions used to tackle this problem.

Click here to access the survey.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Survey

This survey tackles the current Circular Economy practices of the Original Equipment Manufacturers from design, remanufacturing , recycling and reuse perspectives.

Click here to access the survey.