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Discover how Socomec makes the world safer with their Enclosed Switches.

Discover how Socomec makes the world safer with their Enclosed Switches.




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Socomec  Enclosed Solutions, with or without fuse protection, are suitable for all kinds of environments and applications Present at all levels of your electrical distribution, they allow you to secure and isolate parts of the network or specific electrical equipment.

From 20 to 1600 A, to IEC or UL standards, our range is one of the widest on the market, with ratings (from 20 to 1600 A), switch type and enclosure materials (polycarbonate, polyester, painted sheet metal, stainless steel) to suit all environments. Cable entry from the top or the bottom, saving time thanks to cable gland knock-outs makes installation easy.

Socomec Enclosed Switches meet European Low Voltage, EMC and Machine Directive. Meets IEC 60947-3 and -6-1 product standards and IEC 61439-1 and -2 switchgear standards


For further information please contact [email protected] or call 01462 44 00 33 www.socomec.co.uk

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