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Have your say on Data Centre Sustainability....take the BREEAM Survey here!

Have your say on Data Centre Sustainability....take the BREEAM Survey here!




The need for energy efficiency, energy management and uptime have a clear and direct impact on business operations, and form the foundation for good data centre management and operation. By reducing operational energy use, this can also reduce the environmental impact associated with power generation.

Since the launch of the BREEAM 2010 Data Centres scheme, a number of standards and best practice schemes have emerged largely focused on energy efficiency and management, however some also cover wider sustainability impacts beyond this. The business case for addressing these other impacts however, is not so evident.

The survey seeks to identify industry awareness of these other impacts, the relative importance placed on these, and the potential value that could arise from addressing these in the future.

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.

Note: In this survey the term ‘standard’ refers to documents such as EN 50600, or ISO 50001. The term ‘scheme’ refers to voluntary best practice schemes such as EU Code of Conduct.

This survey has been launched in association with: