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Inauguration of a Unique Edge Test Datacenter

Inauguration of a Unique Edge Test Datacenter

Rise is inaugurating an upgrade of the research datacenter in Lulea, making the facility one of a kind in the world.

This is the first time a test facility combines an edge module, micro grid for power and cooling. and a 5G testbed network connection. Here, companies and researchers can make use of the large scale data center environment to do real life tests and develop future solutions and applications. The facility is inaugurated by Norrbotten County Governor Bjoorn O'Nilsson.

The digital transformation of Swedish society and industry is a major challenge. Capability to take advantage of this change will be of great importance for Swedish competitiveness. It will be used to create global technology leadership. The increasing digitalization and automation enables many aspects, from technology to business.

Digitalization means increased use of IT services, the Internet of Things, 5G data communication, data storage and data processing. This will result in large investments and an increased need for development of skill for Swedish industry and societal organizations.

The research data center ICE is an open research and testing facility, which enables academic and industry R&D projects to verify solutions within a full-scale IT infrastructure (data center environment). The facility contributes to increased innovation capacity that helps the industry and attracts researchers who make Sweden's brand even stronger. The purpose of ICE is to contribute to Sweden being at the forefront of knowledge and technology in sustainable and efficient data center solutions, cloud services and data analysis. 

Welcome to the opening ceremony:

Time: Thursday , January 17, 2019 at 10.00- 12.00.

Location: RISE SICS North, Bjorkskataleden 112, (formerly Traktorvagen 1), Lulea.

For questions and registration please contact: Tor Bjorn Minde, +46 (0) 70-624 29 59 ([email protected])