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DCD>London: EkkoSense offers £2,500 thermal starter pack

DCD>London: EkkoSense offers £2,500 thermal starter pack

Thermal simulation specialist EkkoSense is offering a pilot version of its SaaS-powered 3D data center visualization and optimization software aimed at edge data centers.

The £2,500 (US$3,180) starter pack, which gives access to so-called "heartbeat" operational data, with 3D simulation and capacity planning, will be on display at DCD's London event next week on 5 and 6 November.


- EkkoSoft

The "DCIM-class" EkkoSoft Critical Starter Pack is designed for micro and modular data center operations, as well as larger organizations that want to try the software out for capacity planning and simulation. The pack price includes ten low-cost temperature sensors (enough for five or ten racks) and a year’s access to EkkoSense’s SaaS visualization, analytics and optimization software.

“We’ve introduced the starter pack to give data centers of all sizes access to the kind of M&E capacity planning and simulation capabilities that have previously only been available for the largest data center estates,” said EkkoSense’s CEO Dean Boyle. The package is designed to be easy to use, said Boyle, so customers can just drag and drop assets into the simulation, without needing expensive DCIM consultants,

The package can produce energy savings greater than 20 percent, claimed Boyle, and is able to integrate existing hardware including third party wireless sensors.