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EcoCooling '3-Cooler Group' deployed by Etix Blockchain for new data centre in Iceland

EcoCooling '3-Cooler Group' deployed by Etix Blockchain for new data centre in Iceland

Etix Blockchain, a division of Etix Group dedicated to provide colocation services for HPC and Blockchain applications and mining as a service capacity, have specified a large number of EcoCooling ‘3 CloudCooler Group’ modules for their new facility in Iceland. EcoCooling were selected based on the success of their CloudCooler Range in other installations across the region, which has become a hotbed for data centre development mainly due to competitive power prices and cool climate. 

With its ambient air conditions Iceland is an ideal location for data centers using the EcoCooling solution. A number of award winning data centre and cryptocurrency mining operators in the Nordics and Arctic circle have used EcoCooling solutions to achieve unparalleled cooling efficiency.  The ‘3 Cooler Group’ module has been developed off the back of these installations to be the most cost-effective option for rapid deployment developments in remote locations. The design complements Etix Blockchain’s scalable data centre design strategy while also maintaining world class cooling efficiency.

Each Group contains 3 ECV CloudCoolers®, containment, power supply and racking.  The ECV coolers provide 54,000m3hr of air directly to the miners while the Group design was chosen for its simplicity and scalability. The full solution including containment takes just 2hrs to assemble from flat pack.

EcoCooling ‘3 CloudCooler Group’ solution


Estimated performance: The average energy use to support 5.2MW of computing load is estimated to be approximately 173kW as an annual average with a peak of 340kW.  This represents a pPUE of 0.033 for the cooling system.

ECV CloudCoolers - Free Cooling Units

ECV CloudCoolers (free cooling) units can maintain a reliable operating environment for computing devices in Iceland due to the cold climate.  The ambient temperature rarely exceeds the supply temperature required by the computers.  This means filtered, external air can be used all year round to cool the facility, eliminating the need for a supplementary cooling system.


About EcoCooling

EcoCooling has extensive experience in terms of cooling blockchain systems, cryptocurrency miners as well as conventional IT equipment both in Arctic and temperate climates. Using fresh air ventilation systems, with or without adiabatic cooling, compliant conditions are maintained for ~40kW cooling energy per 1MW of installed miners.  This minimises both operating costs as well as the cost of the power infrastructure to support the cooling system.  www.ecocooling.co.uk | www.cloudcooler.co.uk

About Etix Blockchain

Etix Blockchain offers colocation services for HPC and Blockchain applications, and Mining as a Service capacity through a network of data centers located in the Nordics. Etix Blockchain benefits directly from the expertise developed by Etix Everywhere for the data center industry and from the security products developed by Etix Labs. www.etixblockchain.com

About the CloudCooler Range

With the ability to withstand cold climates, the UK manufactured CloudCooler® products come fully equipped with exiting and innovative technologies, proving a perfect match for the many emerging and established European data centres looking to capitalise on the green energy available in the Nordics.

The CloudCooler® units provide a constant supply of filtered air at controlled temperatures.  Filtration plus the avoidance of temperature fluctuations maximise the reliability of the computers and other IT equipment.  Utilising these key areas provide a dependable platform to maintain the maximum availability of mining power.

We are very excited to be providing the cooling equipment for Etix Blockchain in their new facility in Iceland.  Our new CloudCooler Group (rack, cooling and containment) solution is a true plug and play mining infrastructure module. The simple design significantly increases speed of installation so operators like Etix Blockchain can scale up their facilities in an extremely cost effective and energy efficient way.  - Alan Beresford, MD, EcoCooling

Opening two large-scale Blockchain data centers in Iceland in a very short period of time, we had to call on a trustworthy partner with solid experience to support us in this challenge. We have been cooperating successfully with EcoCooling to provide our customers highly-efficient data centers. Antoine Gaury, Head of Etix Blockchain


Contact details

EcoCooling:  [email protected] 

www.ecocooling.co.uk | www.cloudcooler.co.uk

Etix Group: [email protected]