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Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (MCHE) Coils

Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (MCHE) Coils

The MCHE coil development originates from the automotive Industry and has only recently been introduced to the HVAC&R Industry. The big advantages are that they are lighter, more efficient and lower the required refrigerant volume. They are made entirely of aluminium which makes them less vulnerable to galvanic corrosion but both the fins and the tubes are at risk in Corrosive environments.

Blygold have brought out a coating to specifically protect MCHE coils from the atmosphere. Blygold PoluAl MC completely seals off the vulnerable fins and tubes preventing possible pitting and refrigerant leaks. With High UV protection, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and improved water drainage the performance and lifespan of the coils is significantly improved.    

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