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Chatsworth Products introduces networked electronic access control, dual-factor authentication

Chatsworth Products introduces networked electronic access control, dual-factor authentication


BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK, 16 November 2017 — Information is quickly becoming the most valuable asset organisations own, making the need to push security and authentication to the cabinet level more critical. To meet these demands, Chatsworth Products (CPI) introduces two cost-effective access control solutions—the Networked Electronic Access Control (EAC) Swinghandle Kit and Zwipe Access Cards with Biometric Authentication.

The Networked EAC Swinghandle Kit is an intelligent, networked locking solution for existing data centre cabinets that replaces conventional locks in order to meet growing compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and FISMA.

Networked EAC simplifies user access management and environmental monitoring by integrating both capabilities into a single hardware solution that can be managed remotely through a user-friendly web interface or DCIM software such as Power IQ® (PIQ) for eConnect®. The interface provides audit trail for regulatory compliance, allowing users to remotely monitor and authorise each cabinet access attempt, as well as obtain status of environmental conditions within the cabinet. Additionally, the ability to manage through the web interface and PIQ minimises the need for wiring the electronic access systems to expensive security panels generally managed through Building Management Systems.

Networked EAC features CPI’s Secure Array IP Consolidation technology, allowing up to 32 controllers (32 cabinets) to be networked under one IP address. This results in significant savings in networking costs and deployment time.

Take data security to the next level by adding dual-factor authentication to the cabinet with the new Zwipe Access Card with Biometric Authentication. The Zwipe Access Card is a fingerprint-activated card that works with Network EAC or other card-activated locks, removing the need to install additional readers to every cabinet for dual-factor authentication. Because Zwipe Access cards work with existing campus security systems, data centre employees are able to carry a single card.

“Regulatory and compliance requirements are driving the need to have electronic access control solutions deployed at the cabinet level within data centres. CPI’s cost-effective electronic access solutions including Networked EAC and Zwipe Access bring cabinet-level security under the complete control of IT and data centre managers,” explains Ashish Moondra, CPI’s Sr. Product Manager of Power, Electronics & Software.

Both Networked EAC and Zwipe Access Cards are compatible with readers for 125 KHz, HID ICLASS and MIFARE® proximity cards, so they can be used with existing access cards and systems or as a separate, second layer of security over data centre cabinets.

For consolidated cabinet-level power, environmental and access control management, CPI offers eConnect® EAC, which seamlessly integrates with select eConnect Power Distribution Units (PDUs) removing the need to power and network the locks separately.

CPI EAC solutions can be shipped preinstalled as a complete system within CPI GlobalFrame® and TeraFrame® Cabinets.


For more information about CPI’s electronic locking solutions, Click here.