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Teledata becomes first Linx Partner to offer new high-capacity Bi-Di Connection

Teledata becomes first Linx Partner to offer new high-capacity Bi-Di Connection

Manchester, January 24th - Back in April 2017, The London Internet Exchange announced the availability of a new fibre product in the form of Bi-Directional Optical Transceivers at their regional exchange IXManchester.

LINX member, reseller partner and data centre operator, TeleData, were keen to announce to fellow peers at the exchange last week that they had successfully upgraded their 10G port to the new Bi-Di optic, being the first member at the exchange to do so. As a LINX Connexions Partner, this upgrade immediately enables customers at their own data centre, Delta House in Manchester, to take LINX connections with greater capacity and it has also allowed an additional connection utilising fibres already in place, removing the need for extra cross connects.

Matthew Edgley, Commercial Director of TeleData says: "The main thing for us and the customer was being able to provision an additional high capacity LINX port from our data centre, without expensive third-party cross connect fees that are charged to connect into the core LINX PoP at the other end which could have made the customer connection cost prohibitive. We provided the customer’s cross connect at TeleData free of charge as we'd rather promote and enable LINX connections and member expansion from our data centre, than put cost barriers in the way."

"We hope this will encourage more potential LINX members to see the advantages and join the exchange via a Connexions partner and data centres such as ours."

When joining LINX, most members connect using a fibre pair or cross connect. One fibre is dedicated to receiving data from network equipment and the other fibre will be dedicated to transmitting data to the network. The new product, Bi-Directional Optical Transceivers (or Bi-Di transceivers for short) allows both the transmitting and receiving of data on a single fibre resulting in the benefit of reduced interconnect cost for the member, whilst doubling the capacity of each cross connect.

TeleData customer and LINX member Boundless were the first to use the new Bi-Di optical link at their IXManchester location, Williams House, and have successfully migrated their peering over.

Chris Bewley, Technical Director from Boundless says: "The use of Bi-Di transceivers has enabled us to take a new 10G port at IXManchester, giving us future regional peering capacity as we continue to grow our network. Previously, the cost of third-party cross connect fees at Williams House would have been prohibitive to us taking the new port in IXManchester. "The order process was straight forward and we are seeing good, stable connectivity to the exchange from our equipment in TeleData."

LINX’s Bi-Directional Optical Transceiver service is currently only available at IXManchester, however, there is an expectation that this product will be rolled out to all LINX exchanges, including both London LANs, in the future.


About The London Internet Exchange (LINX) LINX is a mutually owned membership association for operators of Internet Protocol networks. They provide a neutral interconnection facility and peering platform, known as an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), and represent the interests of their members on matters of public policy. Being one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, connecting over 825 member ASNs from over 75 countries around the globe, they are located in 10 PoPs across the UK capital along with regional exchanges in Wales, Manchester and Scotland. LINX also operates an Internet exchange in the Ashburn metro area in the US just outside Washington DC, LINX NoVA. Established in 2012 in the north west of England, IXManchester is the UK's largest Internet exchange point outside of London, connecting over 90 member ASNs and is passing peak traffic of over 78 Gb/sec. For more information, please visit the website or email the marketing team.


About TeleData Based in Manchester UK, data centre operators TeleData have been providing specialist hosting solutions including colocation, cloud and IaaS services for over a decade. TeleData’s portfolio of hosting solutions are designed to enable organisations to protect their applications, data and online presence from the damaging effects of downtime and to make the most effective and efficient use of technology with secure and scalable hosting platforms tailored to business critical needs. For more information, visit www.teledata.co.uk, contact [email protected] or +44 (0) 333 888 4083. About Boundless Established in 2006, Boundless Networks are a specialist provider of ultrafast fixed wireless broadband, with coverage spanning the Lancashire and Yorkshire counties. Using a hybrid of fibre and wireless technologies, Boundless is typically able to provide residential and business broadband services of up to 1Gbps in areas previously underserved by mainstream providers.