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Keysource Strengthens UK Presence with New Manchester Office

Keysource Strengthens UK Presence with New Manchester Office




Keysource, a leading global specialist in data centres and critical environments, today announced the opening of its brand new UK Northern Hub in Manchester. This strategic expansion underscores Keysource's commitment to growth and responsiveness to local market demand, further solidifying its presence in the UK market and allowing the company to better serve regional clients and partners.

Key benefits of Keysource’s new Manchester office

Enhanced UK Reach:
A dedicated space in the north allows Keysource to better serve regional clients and partners, solidifying its position as a major player in the UK market.

Fostered Collaboration:
The new hub provides a great space for internal meetings, training sessions and collaborative projects, further strengthening teamwork across the whole company.

Attracting Top Talent:
Manchester's thriving talent pool opens doors for attracting top talent, ultimately benefiting the entire Keysource Group.

Jon Healy, Chief Operating Officer at Keysource, said:
“The opening of our Manchester office is a significant milestone for Keysource. This dedicated space in the north allows us to enhance our reach and build stronger relationships with clients and partners throughout the UK. Additionally, Manchester’s thriving talent pool positions us to attract top talent and further fuel our growth.”

About Keysource Group
Keysource Group is a global leader specialising in data centres and critical environments. Offering a comprehensive range of services to design, build and maintain mission-critical infrastructure. With a proven track record spanning over four decades, Keysource is trusted by major international brands across various sectors to deliver innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

For more information about Keysource, please contact:

Nick Beale
Head of Marketing
[email protected]
0345 204 3333