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The September Edition of the Energy Advice Hub Highlights

The September Edition of the Energy Advice Hub Highlights


Welcome to Energy Advice Hub Highlights: essential reading for carbon-conscious organisations.

Every month, we’ll handpick the best content from our Energy Advice Hub, a free resource that’s helped thousands of organisations with their energy and net zero challenges. The Hub is entirely funded and supported by Sustainable Energy First.


In case you missed it - Rishi Sunak has changed multiple net zero transition deadlines, including those for electronic vehicles and heat pumps. We've highlighted everything you need to know about the rollback.

The ESOS Phase 3 deadline isn't until next June, but restrictions on Phase 4 will be strengthening. Make sure you're within the scope of compliance, and get ready for the next phase.

The government is trying to decide whether or not to use hydrogen for home heating – but the decision is really all about industry. What can we expect from the future of UK hydrogen? Find out here.

Onshore wind has been hitting headlines again. What does it mean for business, bills, and the net zero transition? We explore those questions here.

The latest auction for government renewable energy contracts received zero bids to build offshore wind capacity. How did this happen, despite the UK’s ambitious renewable energy targets? Anthony Mayall, Chief Commercial Officer at Sustainable Energy First, explains.


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