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Interact partners with QiO Technologies to deliver end-to-end decarbonisation solution for data centers

Interact partners with QiO Technologies to deliver end-to-end decarbonisation solution for data centers



Interact, an energy efficiency and decarbonisation specialist and QiO Technologies, a leading sustainability tech company, are partnering to jointly deliver an end-to-end solution for data center operators who want to reduce energy, GHG emissions and costs in their operations.

The partnership combines the strengths of two award-winning companies to deliver a comprehensive solution that will allow customers to optimise their digital infrastructure by analysing server estates and identifying solutions to improve resource use, operational efficiency and cut GHG emissions while also managing ESG risk.

This agreement brings together Interact’s analytic energy efficiency grading software and environmental reporting with QiO Technologies’ AI software delivering data center energy performance optimisation.

“We are excited to partner with QiO Technologies to offer our customers a truly comprehensive solution for energy efficiency,” said Rich Kenny, Managing Director of Interact. “By combining our mutual strengths, we can deliver a solution for Data Centers, that is more effective and efficient than anything that is currently available on the market.”

“We are committed to supporting energy-intensive businesses to deliver rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and costs,” said Rajan Pandhare, CEO of QiO Technologies. “Data Centers have a crucial role to play in achieving a low-carbon economy. By partnering with Interact, we have created a solution that is unmatched in its ability to improve data center operational efficiency and sustainability performance.”

With the increasing demand for compute power, this partnership is a significant step forward in the fight against climate change. By working together, Interact and QiO Technologies can help businesses to reduce their energy consumption and costs while also helping to protect the environment.

About Interact

Interact is an award-winning environmental specialist that uses industry knowledge, leading research and extensive analysis to recommend projects and actions designed to transform data centre efficiency and optimise server estate performance, saving companies in terms of energy, carbon and cost.

If you want to know more about how Interact are working to reduce the environmental impact of the world’s surging demand for data, you can learn more here.

About QiO Technologies

QIO Technologies is a sustainability tech company delivering Industrial IoT AI software products supporting energy-intensive and asset-heavy Industrial, Data Center and Telecom companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, and accelerate operational sustainability.

QiO’s award-winning Foresight Optima DC+™, developed in partnership with Intel, boosts server sustainability by optimising CPU energy efficiency, delivering 24-52% energy savings. By continually tracking and monitoring energy use and emissions, Foresight Optima DC+™ offers real-time insight into IT estate performance down to individual assets and utilises that data to automate reporting for internal management of energy use and net zero targets and for preferred external reporting mechanisms (ESG, CSRD/EU Taxonomy). Foresight Optima DC™ addresses facility optimisation, delivering a further energy saving of 5-15%.

For additional information about how QiO accelerates sustainability and net zero goals for customers, visit www.qio.io