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Energy-Efficiency Tech Recognised for Sustainability and Innovation | Machine-Learning Tech Startup Wins Out Over Tech Giants

Energy-Efficiency Tech Recognised for Sustainability and Innovation | Machine-Learning Tech Startup Wins Out Over Tech Giants




Tech innovator Interact won big last week – the energy efficiency specialist picked up the Energy Impact Award at the DCD Awards from a shortlist that included tech giants Intel, Microsoft, Google and Meta.

As Managing Director Rich Kenny puts it, ‘Our competition yesterday was Microsoft for their development of a Hydrogen-powered Data Centre. Our future impact on the entire sector was rated greater. This is the highest recognition you can have. We’re excited that our machine-learning energy-efficiency software is taking on some of the biggest names in the world.’

The DCD award is the latest in a long line of innovation and sustainability awards for the pioneering technology that has so impressed the industry.

Last month, the team won the Spectator Economic Innovator of the Year for its region. Sponsored by Investec and widely recognised in the entrepreneur and investment communities, the Economic Innovator of the Year Awards celebrate creative UK entrepreneurship and outstanding innovation.

Since 2021, Interact has been awarded 14 awards for their ground-breaking Sustainable IT Solutions. Most recently, these include Tech Nation’s Rising Stars 5.0 City Winner (celebrating the most innovative companies that UK tech has to offer) and the ESG Technology of the Year at the National Tech Awards.

Big sustainability impact

How has a company that was only founded in 2020, has had such a big impact in the fields of sustainability and innovation? The secret could be that, right from the start, the senior team at Interact knew that it was essential to weave the sustainability values and aspirations they held into every area of the business.

The team members’ aligned goals as well as the calibre of their research (published in five peer-reviewed journal papers including the internationally recognised IEEE Journal of Sustainable Computing) has resulted in a company that really punches above its weight.

By championing energy efficiency through their advocacy work, and providing scientific solutions with their software, Interact are challenging the data centre and enterprise sectors to lessen their environmental impact. This year Interact have started to offer Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) accredited sustainability and carbon training for partners and customers, from beginner up to board level.

As part of Interact’s commitment to educate future tech innovators, the team has delivered Sustainability Workshops for students at the National Museum of Computing and has presented on Sustainable Tech at the Adastral Park (BT’s innovation hub) Christmas Lectures.

In September 2022, Interact were awarded three stars for their advocacy work around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (17 global pledges for a better world). In October, Interact became a Pending B Corp, an achievement that acknowledged the company as ‘a force for good’.

Astrid Wynne, Head of Sustainability at Interact explains, ‘Interact is founded on research into creating energy efficient server estates. It means that environmental sustainability is at the heart of our offering. As a team, we build ethical business practice into everything we do.’