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Keysource Extends Consultancy Offer with New Partnership

Keysource Extends Consultancy Offer with New Partnership




Keysource, the data centre and critical environment specialist, has extended its consultancy offer to include detailed analysis on the sustainability and environmental impact of clients’ IT hardware in their data centres. It follows a new partnership agreement with Interact, the specialist company that uses machine learning to deliver verifiable analysis of energy and carbon usage of IT hardware in data centres.

 Keysource’s consultancy team will utilise Interact’s unique software to quickly and accurately provide clients with a detailed analysis and report on the current state of its on-premises data centres/server estate (e.g., racks, blades etc.), with actionable advice on selecting the IT Hardware for their requirements, taking into account cost, energy efficiency and sustainability.  Reliable recommendations (backed by groundbreaking scientific research and studies) will then be provided within a detailed report allowing organisations to make informed lifecycle decisions.  
Considerations will include assessing server hardware to replace and/or what components to upgrade, server/blade/rack consolidations that can be achieved (usually 55% or higher, delivering the same compute performance at the same utilisation level) and the energy and critical environmental impact (CO2) these changes will have from a cost and time perspective. Results from recent datacentre projects over 5 years include over £900,000 savings and 2,800 tonnes of CO2.

Richard Clifford, Head of Solutions at Keysource, said: “This is an exciting evolution of our energy efficiency and sustainability services, expanding further into the IT Stack, increasing the energy efficiency and carbon reduction savings across the Stack. This service will help our clients to deliver maximum performance, with the lowest possible impact on the environment and with a lower and highly optimized cost. 

We will recommend the best possible cost optimised IT hardware configurations with the lowest energy draw and CO2 footprint, ensuring sustainability goals are accomplished and the circular strategies many businesses now wish to focus on and embrace are quickly and efficiently addressed and accomplished. Our Managed Services team are also best placed to enact these changes, and realise these savings over the life of the infrastructure”.