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Submer Immersion Cooling at Evocative Data Centers

By Tamara Gascó

Categories: PR

Barcelona, Spain & San José, California

Submer Technologies partners with Evocative Data Centers, a leading provider of internet infrastructure, colocation, hosting, and managed services partners to deliver the advanced SmartPodX Liquid Immersion Cooling technology at Evocative Data Centers HQ in San José, California.

Sustainable Datacenters Needed

We live in a deeply connected world that will become hyper-connected. This transition is inevitable and cannot be executed without datacenters. Given the digital growth rate projections of those areas of the world where the Internet has only started to be widespread, it is reasonable to think that our society will rely more and more on datacenters. The fast-paced growth of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, IoT, Smart City, IA, and blockchain (just to name a few of the trends that are powering the undergoing digital transformation) is responsible for the rapid expansion witnessed by datacenters and HPC. These new trends require the processing of large quantities of data, that translates into a necessity for greater computational capacity, resulting in greater consumption of energy (in a conventional datacenter, about 40% of the electricity is used just for the cooling system) and water. For this reason, the sector must find alternative solutions to promote sustainable innovation (renewable energies, open source solutions, circular economy, efficient software and hardware design, etc.) and avoid “cannibal”, uncontrolled growth.

Submer: Smart Solutions for Next Generation Datacenters

The SmartPodX - the very first commercially available OCP compatible LIC solution - is designed to help HPC, hyperscale, datacenter, Edge, AI, deep learning and blockchain applications, increase efficiency by significantly lowering cooling and space costs while achieving unrivalled compute densities.

Together with Evocative Data Center, Submer is actively working to promote the next generation of highly efficient and sustainable datacenters. The partnership with Evocative Data Center started last November 2019, with a co-branded open house and Immersion Cooling demo featuring Submer's SmartPodX at Evocative's SV7 facility located in Silicon Valley, CA.

From the East Coast to the West Coast

The installation at Evocative Data Center is already available for public viewing (here all the information to schedule a visit). Evocative SV7 will be home to the Submer SmartPodX for the next several months.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of this revolutionary technological innovation” states Evocative CEO, Arman Khalili. “Our partnership with Submer Technologies is just the first step towards promoting the next generation of efficient and high-performance data centers, a mission Evocative is very proud to be a part of.”

We would like to remind you that Submer has another SmartPodX installation for public viewing on the East Coast, at Digital Realty Trust's Ashburn Campus location, Building L.  available for public viewing (schedule your visit here).

About Submer

We believe that our digital world can be safer, more efficient, less expensive, and environmentally friendly. Launched in 2015, Submer Technologies is solving the biggest problems of datacenter, HPC, hyperscale, and Edge applications to make that future possible. The SmartPodX Immersion Cooling System is the first step on the journey that will lead towards next generation datacenters. Last August 2019, Submer opened its new North American headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, right in the heart of Data Center Alley. Discover Submer at:

About Evocative Data Center

Evocative owns and operates secure, compliant, highly available data centers. We are the trusted guardians of Internet infrastructure for companies across the United States. Enterprises, large and small businesses, and startups all benefit from our suite of fully customizable pay-per-use colocation services; managed services; public cloud interconnection, private and hybrid cloud solutions; complex hosting; and network and security services. We have consistently maintained a 100% uptime availability for the past 10 years. Discover Evocative at: