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DCA Marketing & PR Guide 2021

    Steve Hone
      By Steve Hone

    Categories: Member Marketing Materials , PR


    In 2021 the reliance on digital services continues to grow. Covid-19 has increased these demands through the growth of homeworking, virtual events, meetings and more. It is now imperative that the Data Centre Sector maintains consumer confidence in technology and keeps pace with these demands.

    The DCA plays a central role in building trust between the community of DCA members who provide mission critical services to the users who consume them. DCA activities ensure members are informed and connected. We support and host both educational and networking events. These events enable members to have a voice, shape the debate and drive informed decision making by data centre owners and operators on a global scale.

    This year we will be promoting many of our partners Webinars and On-line events, along with industry events that have been moved into the virtual world. We will be closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation in 2021 and hope to schedule some small ‘live’ events in Q3 / Q4.

    We will of course, keep you informed of any decisions as soon as we know more. 

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