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EURECA Project – EU Resource Efficiency Coordination Action







The EURECA project is an EU commission funded project under the H2020 programme. EURECA is a 36 month project which started in March 2015, with partners from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany. EURECA is designed to provide tailored solutions to help identify the cost saving opportunities whilst signposting the environmental impact of procurement choices in data centres.

EURECA is currently supporting consolidation, new build and retrofit data centre projects in various European countries, with focus on public procurement for innovation (PPI). Additionally, EURECA is supporting the development of European standards, best practices and polices related to energy efficiency in data centres and green public procurement by providing the scientific evidence and data.


The Public Sector has seen a massive increase in the utilisation for digital services in a drive to streamline and improve the efficiency of both internal operations and online services to its citizens. This has resulted in an increased reliance on the data centre infrastructure which underpins these services. This is driving the need to both fully optimise not only ones existing data centre infrastructure but also the need to look to more innovative solutions and outsourced services to respond and keep pace with this demand .

This ever changing landscape is compounded by the simple fact that everyone’s requirements, challenges and situation are slightly different and each require a slightly different approach and solution making it extremely difficult for IT and Procurement Teams to navigate or know which route to take.


For public sector procurement teams the goal is to provide a valuable search facility and tool which will assist public sector procurement teams in researching and selecting approved suppliers, products, services and solutions to facilitate the development more environmentally sound and greener data centres. If you are interested in finding out more or wish to take an active role in the development and testing of this new service then please visit the following dedicated link http://www.dceureca.eu

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