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Academic Partner Status - Cultivating a strong connection between the business sector and academic world is essential in ensuring the future health and sustainability of the data centre sector. Joint EU research projects, educational programs and product development initiatives are all great examples of where the DCA and its academic partners find true value in joint collaboration with each other. 



Profile Building
Company or Organisation profile No
Company website listings and reciprocal links No
Organisation featured on datacentrealliance.org website No
Number of Corporate or Subsidary Profiles No
Number of individual Profiles for Employees No
Additional Profile webpages (per profile) No
Maintain a Personal file Library No
Maintain a personal photo gallery No
Collaboration and Contribution
Ability to participate on Data Central Social Network No
Maintain a personal Wall on Social Network No
Maintain a Personal Blog No
Contribute to main DCA library No
Add an Event to the DCA Community Calendar No
Contribute to main DCA Community Blog No
Ability to contribute to industry research projects No
Ability to vote on DCA member ballots No
Join Steering Committee Groups No
Join Project and Focus Groups No
Ability to be nominated to Chair DCA Steering Committees No
Ability to be nominated to DCA Board of Governors No
Careers and Development
Post and maintain your CV No
Search Openings in Career Centre No
Post Openings in the Career Centre No
Promotional Marketing
Use DCA Member Logo on corporate website No
Use DCA Member Logo on personal communications No
Personal Profile in DCA Official Journals No
Write an article for the DCA Official Journals No
Embed Twitter Feed on Profile No
Ability to submit news items through Data Central No
Integrate with external networks (e.g. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc.) No



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