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architects of data centre change

we listen, we design, and we complete to the highest standards

2bm is acknowledged as one of the leading providers of innovative data centre design and build services – specialising in the design and build of new as well as the refurbishment and upgrade of existing computer rooms and data centres.

We pride ourselves on our ability to install, supply and commission data centre facilities to the highest specification and without compromising on quality, we meet even the tightest deadlines.

Some of 2bm’s wealth of data centre build experience includes working within restricted buildings, live environments and high-security areas – from a small computer room housing just a handful of racks in an existing building to a standalone high-performance computing facility, you will experience the same unparalleled level of service.

about us
Our customers are our partners. 2bm’s team of experts will work closely with you and your stakeholders to ensure we have a full understanding of your needs and concerns, as well as the role a data centre plays in you achieving your goals.

Our experts will make sure that each stage is signed off and verified, ensuring you are always up to date and informed throughout the project delivery process, which helps us to deliver the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, scalable solution.

Our CEEDA Approved Partner status represents our commitment to building data centres fit for the future. It also signifies the energy-efficient and best practice processes we undertake when delivering a project to CEEDA standards.

If you would like to know more or discuss a design and build project, please contact one of our experts. We will be delighted to talk about your requirements as well as highlighting the options available and the benefits each will bring to your business.

we offer

– Conception to completion design and engineering Fault-finding and risk analysis
– Improvement action planning Project-dedicated delivery team
– Continued improvement reviews Award-winning design service
– Five levels of testing provided Witness testing and failover testing
– Room load testing and demonstration
– Full IST testing to enforce and prove the design's operation and redundancy

new build
Our new-build centres are highly resilient and meet all of the relevant regulations; these facilities include the very latest technologies and work can be carried out concurrently with the operation of the client’s existing data centre, allowing for minimal downtime and for migration to be phased.

updating legacy data centres
Our consultancy service for existing data centres examines current space, power and cooling utilisation, redundancy and risk awareness. It will highlight your data centre’s efficiency, drivers and metrics, cooling efficiency and optimisation, power delivery, phase balancing and loadings.

high performance computing
2bm is the ideal place to help address the need for High Performance Computing (HPC) and the resultant demands that it places on your data centre. High performance computing is key to solving large complex problems in science, engineering and business environments and requires a significant increase in rack density when compared to business-as-usual servers.

data centre migration
2bm cut the complexity of relocating highly sensitive and high value IT equipment, translating your challenges into an effective and safe relocation which minimises disruption and downtime.

cfd modelling
Retrofitted into an existing facility or built new, CFD analysis brings value when capacity plannings by highlighting hotspots and offering insight as to how airflow is directed around the room.

data centre optimisation
Knowledge is power with data centre assessments and optimisation, and when you understand how something works, you understand how to make it better. By finding and highlighting issues, plans can be formed to make improvements which can result in higher cooling efficiencies, released capacity and better resilience.