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The DCA is a not-for-profit trade association comprising of leaders & experts from across the data centre sector. With over 450 Associate & Corporate members the DCA represents the largest Independent data centre trade association of its kind.


Through the DCA, organisations operating their own data centres and server rooms can access trusted information on the benefits of adopting best practice & learn more about the products & services available to them as they strive to drive down operational costs & increase the efficiency of their IT assets in support of their business goals.


Work started on setting up the DCA in 2009 following consultation between industry leaders the DTI, RDA and EU Commission. The aim was to create a trade association which was completely inclusive, independent and vendor natural and would represent the interests of the whole data centre community. This includes private data centre/server room owners, consumers of data centre 3rd party services and the suppliers providing products and services to the data centre sector.


The data centre sector represents the engine which underpins the worlds digital infrastructure and the trade association continues to provide a trusted voice which keeps the media, governments and public informed of the vital role the data centre sector plays as it keeps the wheels of business, commerce and the social media world turning.


The DCA publish over 100 member authored articles a year with a different focus each month. Through the Media Partnership program; the trade associations combined audience of 120,000 subscribers provides an extremely cost effective platform where insight can be shared by members and trusted knowledge can be gained by customers.


On behalf of its members the DCA support the development of EU/Intl Standards designed to increase operational professionalism and instills consumer confidence in the products and services they purchase.


Special interest Groups (SiGs) provide members with the ability to influence and address key issues of concern to their business or the sector via workshops, dissemination, reports and lobby activities.


As Horizon 2020 consortium partners the trade association also collaborates with its members and strategic partners on R&D projects designed to ensure the future health and sustainability of the DC sector for the benefit of all.


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