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Netwise Hosting launches workplace recovery London

Netwise Hosting launches workplace recovery London


Until now, Netwise Hosting’s high-specification work area recovery suite has functioned largely for the benefit of its colocation customers, housed in a segregated corner of its award-winning London data centre. The new Workplace Recovery London brand has been designed to bring the service to a much wider range of small and mid-sized businesses, not only those with the enhanced requirements of a data centre.

The suite has space for up to 40 users, offering its members a truly ‘turnkey’ service, meaning everything is taken care of for you. This includes the use of workstations, VOIP phones, printing and scanning, wireless connectivity and a range of other excellent on-site amenities.

The Workplace Recovery London service works on a very simple subscription model, with per desk options starting from just £20.00 per month. This reserves space for immediate use in the event of a disaster, exclusive to your postcode area.

The suite already delivers peace of mind to a number of organisations, from single-man operations to large City-based legal and financial firms.

Being just a short walk from Bermondsey underground station positions the suite in a prime location for quick and easy access from all corners of London - and ensures good distance from the capital’s ‘at risk’ zones.

Workplace recovery now forms a major component of modern business continuity planning, allowing organisations to safeguard their operation not only from a systems and IT infrastructure perspective, but also their physical work area.

Having a standby office location on hand for your core team after a localised issue at your primary place of work is critical for proper compliance with best-practice disaster recovery concepts, and for more comprehensive adhesion to the ISO 22301 certification standard.

Being part of a world-class data centre facility, the suite also benefits from dramatically enhanced resilience, something not found in standard workplace recovery centres. Power is backed with the facility generators should there be a mains failure, and the dedicated connectivity in the space is of a data centre standard. Disaster recovery and business continuity used to be reserved only for banks, governments and FTSE100 companies.

It’s now no longer acceptable for any organisation to suffer avoidable downtime, as pressure grows on smaller enterprises to remain resilient in the face of adversity. Savvy customers now expect nothing short of excellent, interruption-free service, no matter the size of the organisation. Don’t leave things to chance.

Speak to the team at WRL / Netwise about safeguarding your operation today.