INFLUENCE - The power to change or affect someone or something.


  • The DCA is one the principal spokesman for the data centre industry.

  • It plays a vital role in promoting the industry and in explaining how it is beneficial for the whole economy. It provides members with a voice and ability to shape the future of our industry.

  • Like any trade body the DCA has the influence to make change happen.  It can pose questions to government, raise issues of concern on behalf of its members and put you in front of those who will ultimately be responsible for introducing policy which will shape our future.

  • To achieve these goals more effectively the DCA is focusing on an increasingly strategic approach to public affairs both directly and in collaboration through the Strategic Partnerships we have in place

Public Affairs, Lobbying and Policy


The DCA currently offer advisory support to the following groups and committees:


  • The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee. (Most prestigious HoC Committee)

  • The PGES - Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies on issues affecting the data centre sector

  • BEIS – Business Energy Industry Strategy Committee

  • The EMA chaired by Lord Redesdale connecting the DCA to the APPG for Energy Costs & Storage

  • The IPA – Infrastructure and Projects Authority (HM Treasury)

  • EMAS - Eco Management and Audit Scheme - ISPRA

  • APPCCG -All Party Parlimentary Climate Change Group

  • Policy Connect -  Independent Cross-Party Think Tank

If you would like to know more about how you or your organisation can become more influencial with the support of the data centre trade association then please contact us to discuss: [email protected]

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