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imageRegistered User Status - Registered User status of the DCA is free of charge for individuals - This level of membership is ideal for private data centre/server room owners or for those businesses who outsource this to 3rd party providers.Registered User Status is ideal for those professionals wishing to be kept updated on the best practices being adopted by other users and the latest products and services available to help support their business needs. Equally if you are considering a career in the data centre sector then joining as an registered User will help to put you on the right path. Click here to become a DCA Registered User.

image Associate Status - This level of membership is ideal for individual consultants who are in a position to provide independent advice and guidance to data centre owners and operators based on there areas of expertise. Equally the registered user community and fellow members access the Associate register to find consultants and professionals to fulfil short term contracts. Upon acceptance, you will be able to create a professional profile detailing your areas of expertise. Identifying the right person to speak to or skills required is often a real challenge for prospective customers; this level of membership is designed to connect them directly to you. Annual Membership €290 ($370 or £250 + VAT). Click here to become a DCA Associate.

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