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Webinar - The data centre sector needs a blended approach to realise a low carbon

By Steve Hone

Date / Time:
Thursday, 3rd June 2021
10:00 to 10:30
Stepex Ltd
Registration link:

Outline of the Webinar:

Achieving Ireland’s targets to decarbonise will be challenging. 

With the data centre sector booming in Ireland now is the time for the industry to play its part in Ireland’s drive to a low carbon future.

In this webinar we will explore the following and their role in the journey to a low carbon future:

  • Waste Heat Management
  • Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).
  • On-site generation such as Solar PV technologies.

The role of back-up generation and UPS battery systems to provide flexibility.

Meet the Speakers

Paul Fitzpatrick, Head of Customer Solutions, ESB Smart Energy Services

Paul Fitzpatrick is the Head of Customer Solutions at ESB Smart Energy Services, where he is responsible for the management and delivery of Smart Energy Solutions to the large energy users sectors, in both Ireland and Northern Ireland and GB, including significantly reducing energy costs, carbon emissions and energy consumption by providing turnkey, CAPEX funded and low carbon energy centre solutions. 

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in the energy industry. He has a highly accomplished achievement in several industry sectors and has driven growth within the areas of operations, finance, business development and global supply chain. Overall, Paul’s experience extends to 4 continents and 78 countries including the US, Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific.

Dr John Rafferty, Energy Asset and Flexibility Specialist, ESB Smart Energy Services

Dr John Rafferty is the Energy Asset and Flexibility Specialist Engineer at ESB Smart Energy Services. His is responsible for managing the performance of a diverse portfolio of energy assets including flexibility and storage technologies; renewable generation; EV charging infrastructure and heat recovery systems.

He is also responsible for the identification, development and delivery of new opportunities for large demand customers; including data centre clients; in the area of flexibility to improve energy efficiency; unlock additional revenues and support decarbonisation.    

John has over 10 years’ experience in the energy engineering industry. Previously, John worked within ESB Emerging Technologies and R&D, where he supported the development of e-mobility and  energy storage policy including undertaking the role of Irish delegate to the IEA taskforce on Vehicle-to-Grid technologies and founding the ESB Battery Storage Collaboration working group. 

John has a Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Power Electronics from Queens University Belfast, and has numerous academic and industrial publications in the areas of renewable generation integration and AC system support.   

Meet the Moderator:

Ben Burton, Lead Director Corporate, Drury

Ben Burton is an experienced broadcaster, journalist and communications consultant.  
Ben is a lively public speaker and MC and regularly hosts events, roundtables and awards for organisations and public sector bodies across Ireland and the UK. 
A seasoned broadcaster, Ben was a journalist with the BBC and ITV and held roles as political correspondent and producer in Westminster.
Prior to joining Drury Communications as director, Ben was a communications consultant in the UK and Europe.