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Webinar: What Open Compute Project has in store for us all in 2020!

By Matteo Mezzanotte

Date / Time:
Tuesday, 28th January 2020
18:00 to 19:00
Submer Technologies
Contact details:
Registration link:


Join us together with Lesya Dymyd and Steve Helvie of OCP to discuss the roadmap and how the foundation will continue to promote innovation and standardisation.
Among the topics we will cover:
- OCP in the world: how the integration and the adoption of OCP standards vary from one continent to another.
- The current challenges with OCP adoption and OCP organization.
- The path from innovation to standardization.
- The contemporary scenario: who’s innovating and who’s not?
- What are the hottest upcoming tech areas?
- Planning and executing: how a big organization should embrace innovation?

Title: What Open Compute Project has in store for us all in 2020!
: 28th January 2020
Time: 9:00 PDT, 12:00pm EDT, 18:00 CET
Duration: 45-60 minutes

Register here: https://submer.com/webinar