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Chief Data Officer Exchange for Financial Services

By Amanda

Date / Time:
Tuesday, 5th November 2019 - 08:30
to Wednesday, 6th November 2019 - 17:00
Contact details:
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 368 9484
The Hurlingham Club, London, United Kingdom,SW6 3PR
The Hurlingham Club, London, United Kingdom, SW6 3PR
Registration link:



The value behind the CDO FS Exchange: Stibo Systems & the four steps to success

Positioning your brand in front of your target audience is a challenge in itself. When you drill down even further, actually showcasing your solution to the decision maker of the company you’re looking to conduct business with can be impossible.

However, Stibo Systems, the Master Data Management company, seem to have cracked the case with help from the team behind the upcoming Chief Data Officer Exchange for Financial Services.

Stibo’s EMEA Marketing Manager, Michael Lonnon teamed up with the Event Producer of the CDO FS Exchange and undertook a four-step process to position the Stibo Systems brand front and centre:

Step 1: The Challenge

“Awareness of Stibo Systems isn’t as good as I’d like – or as the well-known brands we have as clients might otherwise suggest. If you can’t overcome this hurdle, I knew we’d always be on the back foot when it came to be considered in the RFP process for projects. When I start a conversation and ask someone if they know who Stibo Systems is, I want them to say ‘yes’, and understand the value we can bring.”

Step 2: The Process

“The CDO FS Exchange team understood our market, knew whose mind share we wanted to influence and did their best to bring those relevant companies to the event. They continued to engage us throughout the process of defining our talk topic, delegates to meet and awareness within the event itself. The series is now one of our go-to events in the calendar.”

Step 3: The Result

“We exceeded the number of meetings promised to us, which meant we could develop relationships with a greater number of key stakeholders – relationships that persist to this day. These relationships will serve us well from a pipeline perspective now and into the future.”

Step 4: The Conclusion

“I have fallen in love with this style of event because within it, everyone knows exactly where they stand. Conversations are more relevant, and discussions built around mutually beneficial ideas and solutions.”

Sitting down with C-level decision makers from the brands that want to hear from you is the easiest way to develop excellent client relationships and expand your portfolio beyond what you thought was possible.

See more: http://bit.ly/2lVMvGx  


Welcome to the Chief Data Officer Exchange for Financial Services

With data having become the golden business tool for creating bottom-line growth, personalised service and improved efficiency as well as new business streams over the past few years, it is increasingly difficult for companies to keep up with the rate of technological change and the volume of (often unstructured) data.

Leading banks, insurers and financial service providers are having to step up to the challenges posed by more regulated and stringent privacy regulations, imperfect data quality, data silos and a shortage of data skills. According to research consultancy IDC, of the amount of digital data that doubles every two years, only about 0.5 percent is ever analysed.

Executives in leading enterprises are faced with a serious risk of losing their market share if they are unable to provide the business with the platform to operate more efficiently and meet business and customer demands. Above all, the sector is undergoing a race to effectively implement ever-changing, innovative digital and data tools that can provide a competitive edge.

In its third year, the Chief Data Officer Exchange for Financial Services is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn lessons from the most successful financial institutions in the field. In just two days out of the office you’ll save months and potentially years of strategy heartache and turn your data function into a cost-saving business goldmine. You'll hear from financial leaders from across the UK and Europe divulging their winning strategies and the steps they have taken to address their data challenges.

Why Exchange?

An Exchange is made up of innovative learning and networking opportunities that keep even the most senior business leaders engaged.The Exchange is an intimate environment that creates connections which become long-term partnerships. You will experience inspiring keynote addresses, in-depth case studies, structured networking and interactive discussion groups (our signature Think Tanks and BrainWeaves). The consultative one-to-one business meetings between attendees and solution providers are carefully scheduled throughout the Exchange to meet your specific business needs.


Access to the Exchange is limited. Exchange delegates and sponsors are handpicked based on their ability to contribute at a strategic level, creating the ideal environment for idea generation. The CDO FS Exchange is capped at 60 attendees, creating the optimal value of your time, peers, business meetings, and speaker events. You can expect only the cream of the crop to be in attendance.


A true peer-to-peer environment means that the executives taking the stage and those in attendance are of the same seniority level. The CDO FS Exchange brings together a unique group of the most active contact center executives in the world today as they not only work to execute today’s plan but also develop the strategy for tomorrow.


A true peer-to-peer environment that sparks inspiration from Keynote Sessions, Think Tanks, MasterClasses, and 1:1 Business Meetings as you make connections with most innovative and cutting edge executives and solution providers in the industry today.